Town Manager & Planner - Mike Majher

The Council appoints a Town Manager to act as administrative head of the Town. He serves at the pleasure of Council, carries out policies, directs business procedures, and has the power of appointment and removal of all Town employees except the Town Attorney and the Town Clerk, who are also appointed by the Council. Duties and responsibilities of the Town Manager include preparation, submittal, and administration of the capital and operating budgets; advising the Council on the affairs of the Town; handling citizens' complaints; maintenance of all personnel records; enforcement of the Town Charter and laws of the Town; and direction and supervision of all departments.

Deputy Town Clerk - Kelly Tatcher

The Town Clerk serves as liaison between the Town Council and the general public. As an appointee of the Town Council, the Clerk is responsible for creating and preserving the public record and ensuring that information on local government activities is made available to citizens upon request. The Town Clerk will provide reasonable assistance to persons affected by the provisions of the Town Code, other ordinances or resolutions of the Town Council and to persons seeking to do business with and within the Town. The Clerk's office supports an open, accessible government that provides a communication link between the citizens and the local governing body.

Town Treasurer - Steve Rickards

The mission of the Town Treasurer is to provide fair, accurate and timely financial and other information services and ethical procurement services to citizens and Town departments. By investing idle funds, taking advantage of vendor discounts, assessing, billing and collecting Town taxes, utility charges and other revenues when due and properly accounting for Town receipts and disbursements, the Treasurer assures citizens of sound financial management, conducted in a fair, ethical and responsible manner.