* All Permits and Applications must be finalized at the Town Office in order to be valid!

Sign Permit: No sign shall be erected, installed, used, altered, relocated, replaced or reconstructed until a Sign Permit has been issued and approved by the Zoning Administrator if applicable. The permit is available here online as a resource to download and have filled out prior to coming to the Town Office.

Yard Sale Permit: Prior to engaging in a yard sale, the resident shall come to the Town Office and obtain a yard sale permit. This permit shall be issued by the Town Clerk without charge. Residents re only allowed to have 2 yard sales annually and for now longer than consecutive three days.

Zoning Permit: A Town Zoning Permit is required prior to applying for a Building Permit with Frederick County Building and Inspections Department. The Town of Stephens City partners with Frederick County on Building Inspections for all building and construction inspections. A Zoning Permit allows Town officials to track all construction taking place within the Town. For any questions, please contact the Zoning Administrator.