The Town Planner assists the Council in developing policy for the orderly growth and development of the town and enforces the adopted land use and zoning regulations. There are three areas of focus for Town Planning: Comprehensive Planning which maintains a current and viable Town Plan that strives to find a balance between preserving the Town’s history and heritage while at the same time working to achieve the vision of the Town. Current planning reviews subdivision plats, development plans, boundary line adjustments and boundary line vacations for compliance with town regulations; and Zoning processes rezoning and special use permit applications, zoning permits for new construction, additions, accessory structures, interior alterations, pools, etc. The planner also issues sign permits, temporary use permits, home occupation permits and trailer permits. The planner also signs off on certificates of occupancy issued by Frederick County.

The Town Planner inspects all construction sites, ordinance violations, bond processing/release and proffered conditions in order to ensure that development conforms with town regulations and to ensure protection of public health, safety and general welfare.

In addition the Town Planner staffs the Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Committee, Board of Zoning Appeals.


Fee Schedule:
Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Plan:
Comprehensive Plan

Existing Land Use
Future Land Use
Bikeways and Trails Plan
Joint Future Land Use Plan
Future Conceptual Sketches of Stephens City
Southern Growth Area Conceptual Drawing

Zoning Ordinance:
Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map

Subdivision Ordinance:
Subdivision Ordinance

Rezoning Application:
Rezoning Brochure
Rezoning Application

Special Use Permit:
Special Use Permit Application Brochure
Special Use Permit Application

Minor Subdivision Brochure 
Major Subdivision Brochure
Subdivision Application